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February 26, 2012

Why the World Would End Without Barbecues!

The world shall not face ultimate doom due to a zombie apocalypse, alien insurgency or even mathematics; it shall be due to the absence of barbecues – for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Cue in your gasps.

Here are a few great reasons that prove the awesomeness that barbecues behold:

  1. It’s for all humanity, and it respects your preferences.

As the text above says, barbecues can be consumed by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. For anyone who dissuades the flavor and the ripples of satisfaction it sends to you if you consume vegetables from an indoor grill, I would bring to your notice the bliss that veggies can bring about (shocking, I know) if you can cook the barbecue to perfection. For non-vegetarians, the options are immense ranging from the meat of various kinds to veal to fish. Again, the technique is to grill it to your liking.


  1. Gather all ye’ friends and roast away.

As absolute social beings, we require the presence of other equally laudable people to appreciate the finer sprinklings of gossip as well as the exchange of information. Communication can be erratic over groups of individuals according to their preferences, but barbecues always bring in social gatherings to discuss how shitty the weather is, the functioning of the government, foreign affairs, passion towards sports, and other such news. What better way to be casually social than to open bottles of beer and chill around grilling eatables?

  1. Affordability in the summer

When the sun’s scorching rays mess up with your brain and leave you indecisive of where to hang out, never fear for barbecues are here. Not only does it become an outdoor activity (yet you stay in your houses) for anyone too restless to go out, you can bear the summer heat. So while thousands of plans get canceled because of the sweat, you can rely on barbecues to curb your worries.

  1. Easy guide to becoming a master chef.

With all sorts of variety of best electric smokers looming up in the market, you can be assured that if you follow certain instructions, your very hands might create something magical, later to be devoured by your taste buds. All sorts of gadgets are for easy accessibility. Moreover, recipe books that will surely help you cook your grill to extraordinary magnificence are sprawled all over the Internet. Here’s your token to writing one success story of preparing a fabulous dish without setting a kitchen on fire.


  1. Following norms setting trends.

Granted, homemade or restaurant barbecues in India are not as in fashion as in the US. But that is the point. Aren’t you bored of your regular oven based grilling or repeated cuisines? With barbecues, you get to try something new, exciting and delicious. If you aren’t able to indulge in cooking one at home, you can always visit any close by restaurant and get a kick of uniquely blended flavors. Put a pause on your regular cuisine and try something different. Start a trend!

You’re missing out on gold dug amidst barbecue flavors if you don’t try it once. The world will die a slow death. Lessen the pain and get your dish today.