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July 11, 2012

How to make most of your charcoal grill

Grilling seems to be the easiest way of cooking; it is fun and will definitely not leave you panting. Not only is it the easiest way of cooking, but the essence that charcoal leaves makes everybody’s mouth watery. You know you will not have to worry while inviting guests for a party, because grilling does not take much. But is charcoal grilling just about flipping the hot dog and burgers? Well, if you think so then you need to go into depth and make the most of your best charcoal grills, in order to get the best results. So, let us go through a few pointers that we shall keep in mind for the next time when we decide on using the charcoal grill. grill

  • Pen down your plan!- now, before you go and start making food, just pen down the number of people you will be making the food for, what all things you will need while cooking and how much coal you will need. This will make your job easier and you will not be stressed while cooking because you will be knowing what exactly you have to do. Just follow the steps according to your plan and get all the prerequisites, so that you do not stress yourself later.
  • Use a chimney- no matter which coal you are going to use, it can get a little troublesome, and perhaps, to avoid this trouble we suggest you to buy a chimney. The best part about a chimney is that, it controls the excess smoke and is not expensive. Therefore, you do not need to worry about money before buying it. Also, make sure you place a newspaper or something as a base in the lower compartment and fill the upper chamber with coal. After 15-20 minutes just remove the coal with the help of gloves. Make sure the gloves are safe and of good quality, so that you do not end up burning your hands.
  • Use a lighter fluid– if, you are using a chimney, then it will be more suitable for you to use a lighter fluid. This fluid will keep the coals glowing, however, make sure the fluid is not too light, because then the food will be left in a chemical state. Therefore, one needs to be cautious about the fluid and the quantity you will be using. Now just wait for the fluids to burn off and make sure the ash has become lighter before you commence the food. grill-2

Know the tools well! – Well, last but not the least, you should be knowing about the tongs and spatula well. Though, there are fancy sized tools available in the market, but a standard size of tongs and spatula shall be more than enough. This is because, a humongous sized spatula may cause you difficulty while handling, and a small size might just fall into the grill. Therefore, the safest option is the standard size tools. Perhaps, do not just buy anything that is into fad.