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April 15, 2012

Best ways to spot a foodie amongst your friends

When you are with your peers, there would be different suggestions popping up when you people would be discussing what to eat for lunch. Every one of your friends would be having a different taste, but you know the one who agrees on eating everything is a foodie. That one person would eat anything and everything, and would eagerly wait for the food no matter what you people have ordered. Well, this is just one of the features that tell you who is a foodie, let us get familiar with others as well!


  • Your friend lives to eat! – You know your friend is a foodie when that person just lives to eat. They wake up and start pondering on what they’ll have for breakfast, and then they come up to you and tell you what they had for breakfast. That person is for sure a foodie if they can think about food and talk about food early in the morning. The rest of your friends might ask him to be quiet, as most people are not in a mood to eat early morning and as a matter of fact most people even skip the first meal of the day.
  • They know about all the good cafes- A person who adores food would know of all the good places that offer delicious food. You do not need apps like zomato when you have a friend who could tell you about all the amazing restaurants no matter which place you referred. The obvious reason is that they have been to every one of those places, it might be street food or an authentic place. They would save their money to go to a restaurant; they would also know which dish the café famous is for.
  • They express their love socially too- we are all aware of applications like Instagram and snapchat where people keep putting their photos. But this one of your friends would have most of the posts of food from different places rather than their photos. We know the person is crazy for food when they want to capture everything they eat and then put it up on Instagram showing off their love. Your mouth would start getting watery after seeing their posts; you would wonder why you have not been to those places. Well, that is what happens when you have a friend who is a food lover. foodie-friend-2

They don’t care about calories! – A foodie does not care about their calorie in-take; they hardly care if all they consume is fats. They love food, and they, therefore, do not care about how much fats are they in-taking. The rest of you might say how oily the food or how sweet it is is, but that one foodie friend is just oblivion to all the sweetness and oiliness that the food contains. They would not even care if someone is accompanying them with eating that dish but they would eat it all alone.