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May 11, 2012

Good Carbs v/s bad Carbs: beginners guide

Carbohydrates, lately known as carbs are an important part of diet. One cannot do without carbs. If you are thinking that you can lose weight by not having carbohydrates, you are definitely wrong. Crabs provide us with necessary fiber, which our diet cannot be devoid of. However, it is true that in order to lose weight one needs to be shrewd about good carbs and bad carbs, basically, you should be knowing which carbs can be included in your diet and which are the ones that you need to stop having.


Now, let us get acquainted with the good carbs and bad carbs, and, on what basis are they different from each other. So, if you are intending on losing weight, it will good if you have carbohydrates that are low in calories and high on fibers. Perhaps, the carbs that are to be avoided will be high on calories and low on fibers. Therefore, you know that the carbs that are low in calories are easy to digest, whereas, the latter one are not so easy to digest. However, the good part about the good carbs is that they are filling. Therefore, you will not feel hungry after eating them. It is important to know that these good carbs are also known as complex carbs, therefore, do not confuse yourself with complex carbs and good carbs, because they are the same.

Which are the food items that can be listed amongst the bad carbs? As discussed above, the bad carbs are high on sugar level and low on fibers, perhaps there digestion is also slowed down. These are the ones which are good only good for occasions, but you cannot include them in your daily diet. A few of them are candies, artificial syrups, white sauce pasta and white bread. Unless you wish to gain weight, you should be oblivion to these foods.

Now, now, why are good carbs exactly called good? We know that they low on sugar level and have a good amount of fiber, but there is one more reason, complex carbohydrates have lower glycemic load, which means that they have less amount of sugar and they provide you that with a more consistent rate. Therefore, instead of having white rice, prefer having brown rice and have whole wheat pasta instead of white sauce pasta. Foods like whole oats, brown bread, whole grain corn, fruits and vegetable are rich in fiber and good for a healthy diet. Moreover, these carbs take a longer time to break down into glucose, and perhaps, are good for your diet if you wish to lose weight at the earliest.


It is pivotal to note that all the carbs are alike, perhaps, it is necessary to make a dichotomy between them, in order to know what is healthy and what is not healthy. For instance, potatoes are sometimes listed amongst good carbs, whereas they release a high amount of sugar and they are to be listed amongst the simple or bad carbs.