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“Eat locally and sustainability. Eat seasonally. Shop at farmers’ markets. Plant a garden. Conserve, compost, and recycle. Cook simply, engaging all your senses. Cook together. Eat together. Remember food is precious.”

Alice Waters, The Art of Simple Foods

Alice Waters—a leader in the slow foods movement since the early 1970’s—highlights the benefits and the importance of eating locally in simple terms. Eating food produced locally is all about simplicity and consuming food in a manner similar to how humans have eaten for millennia. Humans have eaten what is available seasonally since agrarian societies were formed over 10,000 years ago. This is our oldest food system and our heritage.

Recently, the citizens of Acadiana and other communities around the United States and Europe have started to recognize the importance of getting back to our roots, consuming foods that are grown near us, getting to know our farmers, ensuring that our food and our Earth are treated with respect and lessening the carbon footprint we create when importing foods.

Founded in April of 2011, Acadiana Food Circle (AFC) is a community based non-profit connecting local consumers to local food producers and educating the public on healthy, local food choices. Acadiana Food Circle is designed to educate citizens about local food availability, healthy food choices, and home food production. We work to facilitate the connection of producers and consumers in Acadiana Region.

Our goals mimic Alice Water’s statement. Eating locally brings community members and families together, promotes community health and wellness, and keeps revenue in our own region by supporting our local producers and resource providers.

The Acadiana Food Circle Local Foods Directory is split up into seven sections, which include information about when to harvest foods and a guide to in-season produce, our local farms and where to purchase their products, resources for starting your own garden, restaurants that serve locally produced foods, and more. Please use this guide to support our local food leaders. We thank you in advance for supporting the local foods movement in Acadiana and Acadiana Food Circle.

Sincerely yours,

Acadiana Food Circle

Board of Directors and Staff

Acadiana Food Circle is a partner in the Healthy Living Club, a first-of-its-kind concept in Lafayette, Louisiana. The Healthy Living Club is a “community-first” project. Residents are able to identify the needs associated with healthy living as well as have a say in the planning and implementation of this three-year project. The Healthy Living Club project was made possible by a grant from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation to the Kiwanis Club of Lafayette Foundation.

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